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5 Manly Gifts for Hardworking Dads

5 Manly Gifts for Hardworking Dads

Ties. Coffee mugs. Socks. A wallet. 

What do all of these gifts have in common? They're often gifted to dads. And they're super boring. 

Whether your dad has a birthday coming up or you're getting a jump on your holiday shopping, ditch the boring gifts this year. Dad does a lot, and he doesn't need another tie or pair of socks. 

Instead, why not go with a manly man gift? Whether he's into construction, working on cars, or likes to build things, we have just the gift for him. 

Here are 5 gifts for manly men that your dad is sure to love. 

1. Auto Detailing Gift Basket 

If your dad loves cars and everything about them, why not put together a collection of practical gifts he can use to work on his car? 

Include things like car wash supplies, engine and brake cleaner, shop towels, glass cleaner, disposable masks to protect his lungs, and even gloves to protect his hands while he works. 

Throw it all in a car wash bucket, tie a ribbon on it, and you've just created an awesome and useful gift for the dad who is impossible to shop for. 

2. Coveralls

For the dad who spends his evenings in the garage fixing up cars, works in a shop all day, or just likes to toil around the garage and shed all weekend, coveralls are the perfect gift to keep his clothes clean while he gets his hands dirty.

Chances are, he hasn't splurged on a new pair in years and will probably wear them until they fall apart, so surprise him with a new pair. The best gifts are useful, yet something the recipient wouldn’t always buy for themselves. A new pair of clean coveralls sure fits the bill here! 

3. Safety Kit 

Dad is important. Ensure your dad is safe in all that he does by putting together a safety kit for him. Some things you could include are: 

Who wants to spend money on those things for themselves? Probably not your dad! Instead of skipping out on safety, gift dad with a safety kit full of supplies he can use at work and home. 

4. Welding Supplies

If your dad is into welding, stock him up with a whole new set of fresh welding supplies. 

A new pair of quality leather welding gloves, a new gold filter plate (which works better and stays cooler than his old-school green one), and a double layer back hand pad to protect those new gloves are all things that any metal-loving dad who likes to weld will appreciate. And, unlike a light-up tie, he’ll actually use these gifts. 

If you're really feeling generous, spring for a new cordless pipe threader kit so he can weld wherever he is, without tripping over a power cord. 

5. Fancy Flashlight

Protect the dad who protects you by gifting him a serious, non-nonsense flashlight. Not another wimpy keyring LED, but a badass tactical flashlight that does everything dad needs, and then some. 

Impress your dad with a tactical flashlight. What makes it tactical? A seriously high powered 400 lumen LED output, for one. For handyman dads, it features an innovative slive-to-reveal work light that keeps things lit for up to 3.5 hours and a powerful magnetic base that lets him attach it to just about anything. 

Our tactical flashlight also has a red light emergency function for signaling first responders, which can flash for up to 9 uninterrupted hours. Plus 4x optical zoom, programmable power settings, and it’s fully dimmable for just the right amount of light. 

Something dad’s everywhere are guaranteed to love - batteries (4 AAA’s) included. 

Manly Gifts for Your Manly Dad 

This manly man gift guide should give you ideas for quite a few holidays, birthdays, and Father's Days to come. Feel free to bookmark it and come back to it each time you need to buy a gift for your dad and you want to skip the boring tie and socks standbys. 

We've got lots of options for dad gifts and supplies for your home or business, so be sure to poke around our site and check out some of the other products we offer. 

We specialize in bulk purchases too, so if you need a large quantity, get in touch