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The Key Reasons Why a Flashlight Is an Essential Tool During California’s Blackouts

The Key Reasons Why a Flashlight Is an Essential Tool During Californi

In August 2020, California experienced its first rolling blackouts in almost 20 years.

If you live in California, you'll want to make sure you're prepared for any further blackouts you might face.

Of all the pieces of equipment, you should have at hand, a flashlight is probably the most important.

Read on to learn why.

Unplug Appliances

One of the first things you're going to want to do if you experience a blackout is to unplug your electrical appliances.

When the power comes back on, there may be a power surge, which can damage appliances that are plugged in or even cause a fire.

If your blackout happens at night, you're going to really struggle to unplug everything without the use of a flashlight.

Turn on a Generator

If you have a generator, you’re in luck! You will soon have at least some local power.

Running a generator incorrectly can be incredibly dangerous, however. You could cause carbon monoxide to be released, invisible and odorless, and can kill in minutes.

You need a high-quality flashlight such as a tactical LED flashlight to ensure that you have all the light you need to get your generator up and running properly and safely. Don't even think about trying to operate your generator in the dark or using matches or a candle to try and see what you’re doing; it's not worth the risk.

Emergency Kit

With blackouts becoming a regular occurrence, you must have an emergency kit prepared in case of a blackout, natural disaster, or another emergency.

You should include enough food and water for every member of your family (including pets) for at least 72 hours, as well as a flashlight, a first-aid kit, and some cash.

Our tactical flashlight even has a long-lasting red flash option, which can be used as a beacon to signal emergency responders. 

Ensure you know exactly where your emergency kit is and that you can reach it easily without putting yourself in danger.

Key Information

Another important thing to add to your emergency kit is some key information.

We tend to rely on our smartphones to access all sorts of information, like contact numbers, addresses, and other important information, or to function as a flashlight. During a blackout, it's highly likely that your phone will run out of charge at some point, rendering all of that information inaccessible.

Write down key information and keep it in your emergency kit. You should also make a note of things that you might otherwise search for online, such as the contact numbers for local emergency services, locations of nearby emergency shelters, or first-aid information.

Without your flashlight, all of this information will be impossible to read, so it's vital that you have a flashlight and batteries within easy reach.

Are You Looking for a Flashlight?

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